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Шахматы в искусстве (102 часть)

NN A Cafe in Tunis.

NN A Game at Chess with Living Pieces.
Иллюстрация из «The Illustrated London News», 1882

NN A billionaire's fantasy. A game of chess with living pieces.
Иллюстрация из «Le Petit Journal», 17 July 1904

NN Advert for Coca-Cola Featuring American Airmen at Ease. 1945

NN Cats playing chess.

NN Cats playing chess. 1900

NN Ein Jahrbuch der Unterhaltung, Belehrung und Beschäftigung für unsere Knaben.
Иллюстрация из «Deutsches Knabenbuch» №12, 1895

NN Emperor Charles V and the Monkey.
Иллюстрация из «'Legends of the Commandments of God» Collin de Plancy. Paris. 1864

NN Game in progress.
Иллюстрация из «Satan, his origin, work, and destiny» Carlyle B. Haynes. 1920

NN Home Recreations.
Иллюстрация из «The Boy's Own Book of Indoor Games and Recreations». 1912

NN L'aristocrate, a L'agonie, ... 1789 г.
  L'aristocrate, a L'agonie,
  Prioit la Mort de l'epargner.
  Bon, Bon, Dit elle, a quoi le sert la vie!
  Si tu ne peux plus y Régner.

NN Passengers afternoon recreation on the deck of a P&O steamship. около 1900

NN Playing chess in a garden.

NN Schachkongress. 1930

NN Séance de huit parties sans voir, 27 septembre 1858
Иллюстрация из «Le Monde Illustré»

NN The Chess-Players.
Иллюстрация к «Manners, Customs, and Dress during the Middle Ages», Paul Lacroix, Bickers, 1890

NN The Envious Man.
Иллюстрация к «The Arabian Nights. Entertainments» George Townsend, 1880

NN The Game of Chess.

NN The king defended by a pawn. Educational card. XIX век.

NN US Championship chess match between Sam Lipschutz left and Jackson Showalter. 1892
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